Chronicles of Murlonio

Episode 14: A Knight of Snakewater

Blackbirds singing in the dead of night

Story by Minh Phan

Day 248
• In the morning, the party (now named “Murlonio”) receives another message from Chester. He informs Murlonio that in order to complete the next Trial of Five Fingers, the Trial of Honor, Murlonio must become knighted by a kingdom other than that of Lothair. Chester then informs Murlonio that going to an unknown island named Snakewater and doing whatever an “old man that smells like death” tells them to do there will help them accomplish this.
• While sailing on The Ripper toward Snakewater, Alexyn and Aeo successfully teach Sark parts of Common language (nouns).

Day 252
• Murlonio arrives to Snakewater and encounters Bill, an old man who smells horrible. He informs Murlonio that the kingdom of Snakewater has been stricken by poverty, disease and decay. Bill then asks Murlonio to go into the castle town and help out as many people as they can.
• As Murlonio enters the town, they help a member of the town lift empty coffins into a wagon, which drives the rest of the community to create a list of things they need help with. Murlonio then divides as much of the tasks as they can between them.
• After completing numerous tasks for the community of Snakewater, Bill leads Murlonio to the castle throne room. He sits on the throne and reveals himself to be King Rufus Xavier III of Snakewater, explaining that he dresses like a commoner to directly interact with the community and help out as much as he can. Xavier then tells Murlonio that he wishes to knight them, but first they need to challenge his first knight, Brennan Poe.
• Murlonio challenges Brennan Poe, but he appears to have a deathly aura around him. Murlonio is ultimately defeated and knocked unconscious.
• Returning to consciousness, Murlonio finds themselves in the home of Brennan, where he offers them dinner and a place to sleep for the night. Murlonio accepts Brennan’s generous offer and rests for the night.

Day 253
• Murlonio wakes in Brennan Poe’s home. Brennan informs Murlonio that they need to leave his place so he can handle some business. Murlonio decides to have Zebadiah trail him, disguised as the local lunatic, Crazy Gus. Upon trailing Brennan, Murlonio finds a strange old man in a crypt who reveals himself as Death. Through the words of Death himself, Murlonio discovers that Brennan is cursing the island with the power of death, and in order to strip him of his powers and rid the island of its plague, one of Murlonio must sacrifice his/her life. After much deliberation, Tor decides to give his life to save Snakewater, but Death decides that taking his life at that moment is a mistake. After a few minutes, Death resurrects Tor and marks him for a later time.
• After returning to the castle town, Murlonio challenges and defeats Brennan, who is then taken by Death.
• The king, who finally knights Murlonio, shows his gratitude with some items: Vengeful Dagger, Healer’s Sash, Steadfast Boots, and Laughing Death Armor as Murlonio sails off on The Ripper. Murlonio informs Chester that they have completed the Trial of Honor, to which Chester replies with congratulations and informs them that there is someone with him who wants to speak with them…



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