Chronicles of Murlonio

Episode 7: Curses!

I get by with a little Elf and my friends.

Night 96
• Just as the party lies down to sleep for the night, the party hears an intruder outside of the campsite. It turns out that it is a little girl, with red hair and green eyes, holding a basket of lilacs which smells very sweet.
• The girl is possessed by the same demon that the party has encountered before, who is indeed the demon from Aeo’s past.
• The demon mentions wanting to have fun and play with nightmares. It looks deeply at each member of the party and says that it will grant their wishes.
• The demon casts a horrific illusion, vanishes, and leaves the party somehow in their tent as if nothing happened.
Day 97
• Aeo informs the party of his past involvement with this demon: that this demon killed his parents and tried to kill him, and that Aeo has been hunting this demon for a few years.
• The party embarks on their journey to the elven encampment, with Krellin sitting on the Kruthik Hive Lord Shell pulled by Sark.
• While the party is traveling to the encampment, they come across a large flock of birds lying dead on the ground.
• The party is somehow cursed into displaying odd characteristics, minus Aeo and Krellin.
• The party is then ambushed by the elves of the encampment. Zebadiah, who had revealed that he is a changeling and transformed from dwarf form to elf form, informed the soldiers/hunters that the party means them no harm.
• Krellin greets the captain of the group and the party is taken to the encampment.
• Throughout the day, the party explores the tribe’s tree canopy hideout and helps out with the tasks of the camp.
• The elves offer to ship the Kruthik Hive Lord’s shell to Biff so Tor doesn’t need to carry it around anymore.
• A great feast is held in honor of the party.
• The party then bunks up for the night to prepare for their journey to Ignas; they were told that someone there could lift their curse.
• The curse makes traveling back to Lothair with the elves very dangerous. The party must lift the curse and find a way back to Lothair on their own.

Day 98
• The elves teach Aeo a special ritual to stay warm in Ashburne: Endure Elements.
• When the party reaches Ignas, they find Sneaky Pete, their favorite deal-making Goblin. He claims to know someone that can lift the curses off the party. While the party tries to barter with Pete to get the name and location of this person, the goblin invasion hits the port city and the party is forced escape and take Sneaky Pete along to safety.
• The party makes their way out of the town safely with Sneaky Pete, and he thanks the party by drawing them a map to the location of Ian’s farm, the man who is able to remove the curses from the party.
• Sneaky Pete also throws Tor a Bag of Holding as thanks for the party saving his life.
• Inside the Bag of Holding, Tor finds a Foe Maker Longsword, Goblin Stompers, and an Amulet of Mental Resolve



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