Chronicles of Murlonio

Episode 10: Into Willoweave Forest

“Don't be a sap, we're not out of the woods yet.” Or “A sticky situation”

Story by Malik Tiffany

Day 192
• The party wakes to gather for breakfast, when Tor receives his meal with what looked like the ear of another shifter. Tor then goes missing, leaving the rest of the party to look for clues as to where he went.
• After searching for clues, one of which was left in Sark’s pocket by Tor himself, the party discovers that Tor may be in a nearby enchanted forest, the Willoweave Forest. Accompanied by Lt. Braga, the party sets out at once.
• As the party ventures through the forest, they encounter signs of struggle and unrest, one being the dead body of a young girl who hung herself.
• Eventually, the party encounters and defeats a group of spiders, which got the attention of an enormous spider. The party then made a deal with the enormous spider to leave his/her forest within an hour, with or without Tor.
• As they continued to move forward, the party finds Tor protecting the dead body of another female shifter and surrounded by a group of Drow, mages, and a young girl that is assumedly the new form of Zoldathra. The mages and the Drow vanish, leaving behind a summoned dragon. The party defeats the dragon.
• Tor seems to be driven mad, and the party is forced to take him and his passed companion by force back to Bervenia Port City. The party ties Tor to his bed for safety as he is unconscious, and the party stands watch over him for the night.



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