Chronicles of Murlonio

Episode 11: Meet Chester

The Brave and Ko-bold

Day 193
• Tor wakes up from his sleep to find himself tied to Sark’s bed, his deceased friend placed on his bed. He only tells the party that his female shifter friend was in trouble, and he went to try and save her because she was like a sister to him. The party lets Tor have a minute with his friend, and then makes plans to bury her…

Day 200
• Sark receives a letter from Biff telling him that he has successfully completed the taxidermy on his severed dragon head. While he is there, Biff sells him a vile of Elixir of Dragon Breath. Sark then takes the dragon head back to his room to hang on his wall. Tor buys the other 2 jars of the potion.

Day 222
• The party wakes up to join Lt. Braga for a briefing on a new mission: putting a stop to a new threat of Kobold invasion. Braga informs the party that the goblin invasion on Ashburne has caused many of the Kobolds of that area to migrate to Lothair, making the number of Kobolds increase to about twice the size of the Lothair army.
• The party sets out to the cave, which they believe to be the lair of the new Kobold leader. After carefully moving through the cave, avoiding traps along the way, the party finds Chester Three-Tooth. Chester is revealed to be the Kobold that the party left behind during their encounter at Coppernight Hold. After careful negotiation with Chester, he agrees to let the party attempt to prove themselves worthy of Kobold assistance for protection against the goblin invasion via “ The Trial of Five Fingers”.
• The first trial the party has to face consists of defeating the Blademaster of Lamina Island and Marcus Malluse, the blacksmith on Verbar Island. In order to do so, the party is given a ship by Glenn Braga and they prepare for the journey ahead. Alexyn and Tor find Captain Michael and Roy working on their ship at the docks in Bervenia Port City. They are given some tips and sea charts that will make the trip significantly shorter.



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