Chronicles of Murlonio

Episode 8: Nightmares in Ravenloft Manor (Part I)

Are you a man or beast?

Story by Corey Sparkman

Night 98
• When the party arrives to southern Ignas, as the sun is setting, they ask the townspeople where this “Ian” lives, and they are told that his name is Ian Summerstorm and he lives with Arthur Hudson in Ravenloft Manor.
• When the party arrives at the home of Ian Summerstorm, they are invited in by a strange voice. After the party cautiously enters the home, they are immediately attacked by a female ghost. During what seemed to be a futile fight, Ian storms into the house and puts the party to sleep.
• The party awakes in a small dungeon, but they are released to speak with the vampire host Ian Summerstorm, the materialized ghost of Mina Ravenloft, and Ian’s werewolf friend Arthur Hudson. Ian informs the party that Mina only attacked them because she sensed evil within them.
• Since Aeo was the only one of the party that was not cursed, due to the protective charm on his first orb that his father gave to him, Ian borrows the orb from Aeo, claiming that he can use the orb to make a solution to the curse. The party is then invited by Ian to join him for dinner while he tries to work on a solution.
• Ian, with the help of Mina, administers what they and the party believes to be the solution to the curse, but the solution seems to wear off immediately; a voice in heard in the heads of the party saying “We’ll just see about that…”
• Late that night, Aeo informs Ian that it was the demon of his past that cursed them and continues to follow them. Ian tells Aeo that he will think about this while attempting to come up with a solution.

Day 99
• Ian informs the party that in order to remove the curse, they will have to enter a dream-realm and face their fears, for it is those fears that the demon draws his strength from.
• Ian sets up the guest bedroom for the ritual, and the party enters the dream-realm.
• In the dream-realm, the party comes face-to-face with the demon that has been tormenting them.
• Tor is faced with a challenge that turns him into the prey of a hunt.
• Afterward, Zebadiah (a.k.a. Puck) is forced to defend himself in a trial for his life, with Death as the Judge and the Demon, named Zoldathra, as the Prosecutor.



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