Chronicles of Murlonio

Episode 9: Nightmares in Ravenloft Manor (Part II)

Demons have bad manners.

Story by Corey Sparkman

Day 99 (cont.)
After Puck successfully defends himself against the demon in Death’s court, the party finds themselves rooting for Sark while he battles an engorged, zombie-fied version of his old nemesis, Bloodknuckles. To Zoldathra’s dismay, Sark bravely defeats Bloodknuckles. Zoldathra then decides to put Alexyn through a test of faith by forcing her to save her parents by curing a horde of zombies bent on killing them. Alexyn must choose to heal the zombies and continue to face death and disease or keep her curse and live oblivious to sickness and mortality. After Alexyn successfully saves her “parents,” the party must help Aeo fight Zoldathra, who was weakened by Aeo’s charmed orb. After a grueling battle, the demon was defeated in the dream-realm and the party was finally able to wake up and escape from it.

Day 189
The party wakes up from their encounters in the dream-realm to find that they have been moved to a ship by Ian Summerstorm and company. Mina tells the party that they have been in the dream-realm for three months, during which they had to be moved due to the Goblin invasion’s pillage of Ignas spreading throughout Ashburne. She also informs them that they have all made it safely back to Berevenia Port City in Lothair. The three monsters hand the party some parting gifts: Boots of Furious Speed, Bracers of Mental Might, and a Philosopher’s Crown. Braga hands each member of the party 300 gold for the successful completion of the Mr. Green mission. Later, Biff Sells Tor a Pincer Shield for Sark.



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