Chronicles of Murlonio

Episode 1: Rescue at Coppernight Hold

A Rocky Start

Day 1
• The party has joined the Lothair civilian militia.
• The party was assigned a mission from Lieutenant Glenn Braga. The party consists of Alexyn (Cleric), Sark (Fighter), Zebadiah (Sorcerer – Squad Leader), Tor (Rogue).
• Mission: Investigating Coppperknight hold that was overrun with Kobolds to rescue dwarf Kavelar Coppernight.
• 4 encounters within the hold. We fought and defeated Kobold Minions, Slingers, Skirmishers, Dragonshields, Wyrmpriests, Cleavers, Slyblades, and a White Dragon Wyrmling.
• One cowardly Kobold Slyblade was found in hiding, and he offered to show the party a secret tunnel in exchange for letting him go.
• Alexyn brutally murdered the kobolds who surrendered after the dragon was slain.
• Most of the dwarves were killed, but Kavelar Copperknight and 2 others were found alive and chose to stay behind to bury the fallen. Alexyn helped with some Clerical duties for the funeral.
• We acquired about ninety gold from the dragon’s treasure pile, including a pearl.
• After the mission, the party decides to camp during the night on the way back to town, but something disturbs all of us in our sleep and we wake up to find a gray-eyed old man, with an emblem of hound, who only greets us…

Day 2
• The old man thinks his name is Lark. Our skill checks have managed to glean that he has something evil and dark about him. He tends to shift personalities very quickly, and suddenly dies in front of us. It appears that there was some dark force within him, which escaped at the old man’s death. Upon the flight of this dark force, the party hears “I will see you soon”.
• The party sets out and returns to Bervenia Port City and informs Lieutenant Glenn Braga of the previous mission. He gives us each the emblem of the king, Alistair Adelard.



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