Chronicles of Murlonio

Episode 15: The Death Mist

More than you can chew

Night 253
• That night, Murlonio gets word from Lt. Braga (who is borrowing Chester’s sending stone) that the next trial, the Trial of Compassion, requires Murlonio to travel to the island of Caliga, an ally to Lothair, to check on a disturbance. He informs Murlonio that the island is being treated like a quarantine zone to the rest of the Sea. Murlonio sets sail for Caliga to investigate.

Day 254
• In the morning, Aeo and Sark wake to find Tor missing from his bed in their cabin. They decide to go look for him, when they realize that he is in his bed after all…
• Sark learns verbs.

Day 255
• At about noon, Murlonio sails The Ripper into a sudden maelstrom, but as quickly as it comes, it dissipates.

Day 256
• At about mid-afternoon, Murlonio finds Caliga, which happens to be covered in a thick fog. The party tries to dissipate the fog, but their efforts proved to be for naught. Unsure and a little frightened, the party decides to venture forth into the island, finding in the middle of the fog covered road a dying woman with bite marks on her.
• Murlonio eventually happens upon a town which appears to be deserted. Upon further investigation, they find that the inhabitants of the town had been killed by vampires. Their suspicious are confirmed when they happened to meet up with their old friends Arthur, Mina, and Ian. Ian explains that he is on Caliga to find and stop a very powerful vampire named Elias Woodshadow who raising an army of vampires from the citizens of the island. Believing that this vampire is the source of the disturbance that they came to investigate, Murlonio decides to join Ian and company on his mission.
• Following Ian and company through the night, the party is ambushed by vampires. Leaving Arthur and Mina to fend them off, Murlonio accompanies Ian in seeking out Elias Woodshadow and ultimately defeating him.

Day 257
• Murlonio returns to the town and pays a visit to the castle. There they find survivors of the island. The king offers the party a chest of gold, but the party kindly refuses, noticing that the people will need all the resources they can to help rebuild their kingdom.
• After the party follows Sark’s order to “berry womin,” the one they came across when they first landed on Caliga, the party sets sail for Lothair.



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