Chronicles of Murlonio

Episode 16: The Kingdom of Morgania

"One corny episode" or "The longest day of the year"

Story by Corey Sparkman

Day 257
Murlonio sails toward Lothair.

Day 267
• Murlonio pulls into Lothair and meets Lt. Braga. Lt. Braga asks them to deliver party supplies to the kingdom of Morgania for their summer festival in order to win their favor. This is deemed as an official trial of five fingers by Chester. Murlonio has very little time to get to Morgania, so they leave immediately.

Day 275
• The Ripper encounters a peculiar storm, seemingly magical in nature. After a short time, the ship seems to settle out and continues on to land at Morgania.
• The party meets a seemingly drunken man at the dock, but continues to venture forth to the town. When they reach the town, the party hears the gong of the clock tower and a gigantic wave washes over them and everything goes black.

Day 276?
• The party wakes up on The Ripper, again, to find the same man from the night before demanding them to pay the docking fee. After paying the docking fee, and scheduling repairs to The Ripper, Murlonio has the supplies delivered to Morgania and begins to make their way to the town.
• On the way to Morgania, Murlonio encounters a shabby looking man selling a dangerous looking “miracle” tonic. After turning down his offer, they continue to make their way to Morgania after helping a lady prepare her corn delivery for the festival.
• Two guards, both improperly armored, stood at the gates to Morgania. The party decides to go to the armor smith to get the proper armor for the two. On their way to the armorer, the parade starts in the town square. The mascot of the parade dances too close to a horse pulling floats, causing a stampede that crushes all of the preparations. The mayor of the town almost gets seriously hurt, but he doesn’t seem phased by it at all. Murlonio attempts to talk to the mayor, but finds that he is unavailable at the time.
• A strange series of events, including the discovery of the “mad” mayor, a failed search for the missing cargo, and a riot at the festival in the evening all lead up to the town’s clock tower tolling again as a gigantic wave hovers above the town and crashes down.

Day 277?
• Murlonio awakes aboard The Ripper yet again to realize that the day they had just taken part in has repeated itself. With the knowledge of the events that took place the “day” before, they set out to correct the issues in Morgania.
• After the problems of the city are corrected, the party speaks with the mayor of Morgania. He informs the party that he is aware of what’s happening to the town every night, as it was he who made a wish that “come hell or high water, the town’s problems be made right.” He tells the party that he made this wish with a magical item that a mysterious cloaked man offered him.
• After the festival, the giant wave that normally wiped out the town failed to appear, and the party was greatly rewarded for their deeds.

Day 278
• Murlonio awakens from a drunken night of celebration, bids the townspeople farewell, and heads back to their newly repair ship when they get a call from Lt. Braga. He tells them to return to Lothair at once as they are now officially at war…

Day 288
• Murlonio docks at the ports of Lothair.



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