Chronicles of Murlonio

Episode 13: The Tale of Munchy

Don't go chasing waterfalls...

Story by Shelby Rushing

Day 247
• The party wakes and goes to breakfast, during which the party is both contacted by Chester via Sending Stone and given a parchment from a disguised kobold messenger that entered the tavern. Chester informs the party that they are to follow the clues written in the poem found on the parchment which will lead them to an ancient kobold treasure. The poem, translated into common, was a story written by a crafty kobold named Munchy, who had previously journeyed to find this treasure. Upon finding the treasure, the party will have completed the next Trial of Five Fingers: The Trial of Cunning.

• The party used the poem’s lines to find there way to an underwater dungeon in Limberry Lake. The party then carefully makes their way through the dangerous dungeon, complete with booby-traps. As the party finally reaches the end of the dungeon, they realize the treasure Munchy’s poem led them to find was in fact Queen Adelaide’s heart-sequined brazier…

• After informing Chester that they have found his “treasure,” the party heads back to Bervenia Port City. Upon arrival, Zebadiah craftily sells the stolen brazier to Sneaky Pete. Chester informs the party he will give them their next trial on the morrow.



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