Chronicles of Murlonio

Episode 12: The Two Masters

Once Slit, Twice Smithen

Day 223
• The party sets out to Lamina Island aboard “The Ripper” to find the Blademaster.

Day 224
Sark masters his ABC’s.

Day 230
• The party arrives at Lamina Island and finds a man known as Ferrus, the Blademaster. The party challenges him to a duel, and he agrees to fight them the next morning. The party is permitted to sleep outside the Blademaster’s home in order to rest up for the next day.

Day 231
• The Blademaster turned out to be the old veteran’s daughter, Harper. After a grueling battle, the party defeats Harper and gains what looks like a simple, smooth stone. This is one of two tokens the party has to bring back to Chester to clear the first of the Trial of Five Fingers.
• That afternoon, the party sets out for Verbar Island to find and challenge the blacksmith, Marcus Malluse.

Day 232
• Sark was taught by Aeo to spell his favorite word: Mutilate.

Day 233
• Sark taught himself how to spell his own name.

Day 238
• The party arrives at Verbar Island and finds Marcus Malluse. After challenging him to a duel and defeating him, he gives the party another smooth stone. Marcus then explains that this stone, in combination with the other smooth stone, allows the two holders to communicate with each other at long distances. They are two in a set of Sending Stones. The party then decides to rest for the night before setting out for Lothair the next morning.

Day 239
• At first light, the party sets out for Lothair.

Day 246
• The party arrives at Lothair and goes straight to Chester to show him the Sending Stones that they received from their battles. He approves of the spoils, congratulating the party on their success (which he did not expect to happen).
• The party returns to Broken Spoke Tavern in Bervenia Port City to rest after their quests and wait for Chester’s next instructions.



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