Ian Summerstorm

Good Vampire


Vampire, tall, black hair, black eyes, lanky, toned.


Approximately 800 years ago, Ian was turned into a vampire. He was evil and terrorized people. 500 years ago, he met a young woman and fell in love with her. He vowed to live a good life after that. He has lived quietly ever since.

He met the ghost of Mina Ravenloft about 400 years ago, and they eventually grew to trust each other. Ian moved into Ravenloft Manor in southern Ashburne and promised the help Mina cross over so she could be with her family again.

He met Arthur Hudson about 30 years ago, and they became friends. Arthur now lives with Ian in Ravenloft and they try to help other monsters reintegrate into society as good people.

Ian is reformed, but still fighting his dark side.

Ian Summerstorm

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