Chronicles of Murlonio

Episode 1: Rescue at Coppernight Hold
A Rocky Start

Day 1
• The party has joined the Lothair civilian militia.
• The party was assigned a mission from Lieutenant Glenn Braga. The party consists of Alexyn (Cleric), Sark (Fighter), Zebadiah (Sorcerer – Squad Leader), Tor (Rogue).
• Mission: Investigating Coppperknight hold that was overrun with Kobolds to rescue dwarf Kavelar Coppernight.
• 4 encounters within the hold. We fought and defeated Kobold Minions, Slingers, Skirmishers, Dragonshields, Wyrmpriests, Cleavers, Slyblades, and a White Dragon Wyrmling.
• One cowardly Kobold Slyblade was found in hiding, and he offered to show the party a secret tunnel in exchange for letting him go.
• Alexyn brutally murdered the kobolds who surrendered after the dragon was slain.
• Most of the dwarves were killed, but Kavelar Copperknight and 2 others were found alive and chose to stay behind to bury the fallen. Alexyn helped with some Clerical duties for the funeral.
• We acquired about ninety gold from the dragon’s treasure pile, including a pearl.
• After the mission, the party decides to camp during the night on the way back to town, but something disturbs all of us in our sleep and we wake up to find a gray-eyed old man, with an emblem of hound, who only greets us…

Day 2
• The old man thinks his name is Lark. Our skill checks have managed to glean that he has something evil and dark about him. He tends to shift personalities very quickly, and suddenly dies in front of us. It appears that there was some dark force within him, which escaped at the old man’s death. Upon the flight of this dark force, the party hears “I will see you soon”.
• The party sets out and returns to Bervenia Port City and informs Lieutenant Glenn Braga of the previous mission. He gives us each the emblem of the king, Alistair Adelard.

Episode 2: The Broken Tower
Still Getting the Hang of Things

Day 3
Lieutenant Glenn Braga gives the party another mission: Clear out the goblins in “The Broken Tower” on the coast.
• 3 encounters in the tower; The party fights Goblin Cutters, the Big Gribad (hobgoblin), Skeletons, Goblin Hexer, Goblin Sharpshooters, Gray Wolves, Bugbear Warrior, and a Goblin Underboss.
• During the second encounter, we found a broken statue of Lady Talyn Dholbrular, who must have been the guardian of the tower.
• After the third and final encounter, the Goblin Underboss manages to escape west into the Great Sea nearby off the coast.
• The party finds a switch on the throne on the top of the tower, finding ten gold pieces and the following items:
- Luring Withdrawal Armor

- Orb of Nimble Thoughts

- Staff of the Third Eye

- Bloodthread Armor

• Three builders show up to fix the tower, and prepare it for the military to use. They also tell us that the party should head back to Agershire to speak to the Kavelar and the other Dwarves.

Episode 3: Adventures in Agershire
Suspicious Activity is Afoot

Day 3
• Upon arriving to Agershire, we meet up with Kavelar Coppernight and company for lunch.
• A visitor shows up, Braga, and tries to mention an event, but is hushed by Kavelar.
• Lieutenant Glenn Braga shows up to give us our monthly wage of 25 gp.
• He tells us that there has been another sighting of an old man like the one the party encountered on night 1 and that there is a clue to his whereabouts in Agershire.
• Coppernight informs us that he has a lifelong friendship with Lt. Braga.
• The party shows Coppernight the Hound emblem, and while he knows nothing about the emblem or the man, he directs us to the town gossip, Mary Doogan.
• Mary Doogan only knows about people disappearing, one being about a Molly Merryweather son. Mary Doogan then directs the party to speak to a trader called Sneaky Pete.
• Sneaky Pete is found with his bodyguard, hobgoblin Grok. The party finds out that Sneaky Pete has seen the old man speaking with Molly Merryweather’s daughter (9), Dow Merryweather.
• The party goes to visit the Merryweather home to ask Dow Merryweather about the disappearance of her brother, Finch (9). The necklace that the party found belonged to Dow’s brother, who was indeed the first old man. Upon learning the location of her buried son, Molly informs us that she will get a military escort to see her son’s body.
• The party decides to check the area where Dow’s brother disappeared. We see the same dead leaf pattern in a tree, much like the pattern when the force left the first “old man” (Dow’s brother, Finch).
• The party heads back to Agershire in the night and notices a mob, which turns out to be a party thrown for the group by Kavelar Coppernight. He gives us each a yellow diamond worth 100 gold. Lt. Braga offers us a chance to name our party.
• Everybody eats a ton, drinks some things, Alexyn dances with Dow and some other kids.
• The party sleeps comfortably in a large tent outside Kavelar Coppernight’s house.

Episode 4: Bloodknuckles and Mr. Green
Old Rivals and New Horizons

Day 4
• The party is woken at about 9:00am by heavy rain to head back to Bervenia Port City.
• The party finds Kavelar Coppernight passed out on his kitchen floor. Aeo uses Mage Hand to pull his pants back up, as Sark and Zeb gently lay him on the couch before they leave.
• On the way to Bervenia, Tor receives a sling and a sack of stones from a child.
• Once in the city, the party is attacked by Bloodknuckles (boss), an ogre that seems to be acquainted with Sark. After defeating Bloodknuckles, Tor looted these items:
- Flaming Weapon
- Helm of Exemplary Defense
- Frostwolf Pelt
• Sark explains that Bloodknuckles used to be a member of his Fighter’s Guild until the ogre was kicked out for betraying their trust and breaking their rules. He blamed Sark and became violently vengeful and has chased Sark around the Great Sea ever since.
• The party rests in the Broken Spoke Tavern after the fight.

Day 5
Lt. Braga gives the party a mission to protect a diplomatic envoy to the island of Ashburne. The party has to escort the ambassador, Mr. “Green” , to the center of the island so he can recruit some of the elven archers. The kingdom of Ashburne is slightly hostile towards the party’s affiliation, so the party has to disguise themselves as Ashburne people (brown clothes and a red cloak).
• Tor recieves a note from Biff instructing him to visit Biff’s Tannery to pick up the White Dragon Scale Armor made from the hide harvested from the White Dragon Wrymling defeated on Day 1.
• The party meets Mr. “Green” on the docks and prepares for their long journey. The party decides to charter the “Wisp”, a small and simple ship. There are only 3 crew members, so the party must lend a hand in ship operations. Tor must teach the group how to sail the dangerous sea…

Episode 5: Voyage of the Wisp
Ship Happens

Day 5
Lt. Braga gives the party a mission to protect a diplomatic envoy to the island of Ashburne. The party has to escort the ambassador, Mr. “Green” , to the center of the island so he can recruit some of the elven archers. The kingdom of Ashburne is very hostile towards the party’s affiliation, so the party has to disguise themselves as Ashburne people (brown clothes and a red cloak).
• The party decides to charter the “Wisp”, a small and simple ship. There are only 3 crew members, so the party must lend a hand in ship operations. Tor must teach the group how to sail
• While sailing, Mr. Green informs the party that they must stay undercover, making sure to hide any abilities and only using them in dire need. The party is shown the ship, and instructed not to go to many places on board.
Day 6 (First day on Sea)
• The party is still sailing to Ashburne. The ship is run by Michael (captain), Roy (the cook), and Leo (the maintenance man).
Day 23
Zebadiah helps the Captain and Roy fish up a whole bunch of different fish. They playfully toss the fish to each other. They both throw fish at Zeb, but he deftly catches them and throws them back. The captain fumbles with his fish and accidentally cuts his right wrist on the fish’s spines.
Day 27
• Midday: Roy spots a ship of “Stalkers," people who were out to sea for too long and were driven mad. They are extremely dangerous, and the party was forced to hide themselves from sight. The danger passed by without noticing the Wisp.
Day 28
• Evening: Alexyn owns Aeo in a duel.
Day 30
• A trading ship meets up with the Wisp and the captains of the ships exchange cargo and gold.
Day 33
Captain Michael collapses at the wheel and Tor is forced to take hold. He was severely infected by the poisonous spine of a fish he was playing with a 10 days ago. Until the captain is well, Zebadiah has appointed himself to the position of captain (much to the dismay of Tor).
Day 42
• Alexyn has managed to keep Captain Michael stable in his condition. His life is no longer in danger.
Day 45
• The climate seems to get colder as the ship heads farther north towards Ashburne.
Day 46
• Leo is struck by a loose part of the ship and is carried away by Roy, leaving the party to man the ship during a dangerous blizzard. The party manages to survive.
Day 55
• Captain Michael finally comes to and gives Alexyn a mysterious, yet special piece of string as thanks. The string is actually a ritual that grants Alexyn and Aeo the Summon Winds Ritual.
Day 93
• Mr. Green calls the party together to inform them about Ashburne. He gives the party poorly forged traveling papers to use at the harbor. He informs us that getting in to Ashburne will be difficult. The party witnesses Mr. Green open a box that releases a sparrow, but doesn’t explain his actions.
Day 96
• The party pulls the Wisp into Ashburne and is forced to scatter their way into the city. The party meets Mr. Green outside of the city. Mr. Green leads the party to the center of the island.

Episode 6: Pitfalls in Ashburne Forest
What's bugging Mr. Green?

Day 96
• As the party and Mr. Green head through the snowy forest towards their destination, we all fall through a hole in the ground. Upon landing, Mr. Green is dragged away into a tunnel by a large insect-like creature, while the party fights 20 insect hatchlings.
• The party is forced to fight creatures called Kruthiks within the underground tunnels. After two battles within the tunnels, the party hears Mr. Green ahead, but they also hear a large Kruthik.
• The party kills the Kruthik Hive Lord and rescues Mr. Green, who is extremely injured and now missing his left leg below the knee.
• The party loots some gold from the Kruthik treasure hoard and escapes the hive. They find their way back to the surface.
• The party then sets up camp for the night.
• Mr. Green tells the party:

  • that his name is Krellin Whiteshadow
  • he was escorted to this area before, but the prior squads that lead him here had all met unfortunate ends.
  • his mission is to recruit elves to assist the defense of Lothair, convince them the Goblin War is a threat to the everybody and it is important the elves lend a hand.

• The party decides to turn in for the night, but they are awoken by the sound of an intruder outside…

Episode 7: Curses!
I get by with a little Elf and my friends.

Night 96
• Just as the party lies down to sleep for the night, the party hears an intruder outside of the campsite. It turns out that it is a little girl, with red hair and green eyes, holding a basket of lilacs which smells very sweet.
• The girl is possessed by the same demon that the party has encountered before, who is indeed the demon from Aeo’s past.
• The demon mentions wanting to have fun and play with nightmares. It looks deeply at each member of the party and says that it will grant their wishes.
• The demon casts a horrific illusion, vanishes, and leaves the party somehow in their tent as if nothing happened.
Day 97
• Aeo informs the party of his past involvement with this demon: that this demon killed his parents and tried to kill him, and that Aeo has been hunting this demon for a few years.
• The party embarks on their journey to the elven encampment, with Krellin sitting on the Kruthik Hive Lord Shell pulled by Sark.
• While the party is traveling to the encampment, they come across a large flock of birds lying dead on the ground.
• The party is somehow cursed into displaying odd characteristics, minus Aeo and Krellin.
• The party is then ambushed by the elves of the encampment. Zebadiah, who had revealed that he is a changeling and transformed from dwarf form to elf form, informed the soldiers/hunters that the party means them no harm.
• Krellin greets the captain of the group and the party is taken to the encampment.
• Throughout the day, the party explores the tribe’s tree canopy hideout and helps out with the tasks of the camp.
• The elves offer to ship the Kruthik Hive Lord’s shell to Biff so Tor doesn’t need to carry it around anymore.
• A great feast is held in honor of the party.
• The party then bunks up for the night to prepare for their journey to Ignas; they were told that someone there could lift their curse.
• The curse makes traveling back to Lothair with the elves very dangerous. The party must lift the curse and find a way back to Lothair on their own.

Day 98
• The elves teach Aeo a special ritual to stay warm in Ashburne: Endure Elements.
• When the party reaches Ignas, they find Sneaky Pete, their favorite deal-making Goblin. He claims to know someone that can lift the curses off the party. While the party tries to barter with Pete to get the name and location of this person, the goblin invasion hits the port city and the party is forced escape and take Sneaky Pete along to safety.
• The party makes their way out of the town safely with Sneaky Pete, and he thanks the party by drawing them a map to the location of Ian’s farm, the man who is able to remove the curses from the party.
• Sneaky Pete also throws Tor a Bag of Holding as thanks for the party saving his life.
• Inside the Bag of Holding, Tor finds a Foe Maker Longsword, Goblin Stompers, and an Amulet of Mental Resolve

Episode 8: Nightmares in Ravenloft Manor (Part I)
Are you a man or beast?

Story by Corey Sparkman

Night 98
• When the party arrives to southern Ignas, as the sun is setting, they ask the townspeople where this “Ian” lives, and they are told that his name is Ian Summerstorm and he lives with Arthur Hudson in Ravenloft Manor.
• When the party arrives at the home of Ian Summerstorm, they are invited in by a strange voice. After the party cautiously enters the home, they are immediately attacked by a female ghost. During what seemed to be a futile fight, Ian storms into the house and puts the party to sleep.
• The party awakes in a small dungeon, but they are released to speak with the vampire host Ian Summerstorm, the materialized ghost of Mina Ravenloft, and Ian’s werewolf friend Arthur Hudson. Ian informs the party that Mina only attacked them because she sensed evil within them.
• Since Aeo was the only one of the party that was not cursed, due to the protective charm on his first orb that his father gave to him, Ian borrows the orb from Aeo, claiming that he can use the orb to make a solution to the curse. The party is then invited by Ian to join him for dinner while he tries to work on a solution.
• Ian, with the help of Mina, administers what they and the party believes to be the solution to the curse, but the solution seems to wear off immediately; a voice in heard in the heads of the party saying “We’ll just see about that…”
• Late that night, Aeo informs Ian that it was the demon of his past that cursed them and continues to follow them. Ian tells Aeo that he will think about this while attempting to come up with a solution.

Day 99
• Ian informs the party that in order to remove the curse, they will have to enter a dream-realm and face their fears, for it is those fears that the demon draws his strength from.
• Ian sets up the guest bedroom for the ritual, and the party enters the dream-realm.
• In the dream-realm, the party comes face-to-face with the demon that has been tormenting them.
• Tor is faced with a challenge that turns him into the prey of a hunt.
• Afterward, Zebadiah (a.k.a. Puck) is forced to defend himself in a trial for his life, with Death as the Judge and the Demon, named Zoldathra, as the Prosecutor.

Episode 9: Nightmares in Ravenloft Manor (Part II)
Demons have bad manners.

Story by Corey Sparkman

Day 99 (cont.)
After Puck successfully defends himself against the demon in Death’s court, the party finds themselves rooting for Sark while he battles an engorged, zombie-fied version of his old nemesis, Bloodknuckles. To Zoldathra’s dismay, Sark bravely defeats Bloodknuckles. Zoldathra then decides to put Alexyn through a test of faith by forcing her to save her parents by curing a horde of zombies bent on killing them. Alexyn must choose to heal the zombies and continue to face death and disease or keep her curse and live oblivious to sickness and mortality. After Alexyn successfully saves her “parents,” the party must help Aeo fight Zoldathra, who was weakened by Aeo’s charmed orb. After a grueling battle, the demon was defeated in the dream-realm and the party was finally able to wake up and escape from it.

Day 189
The party wakes up from their encounters in the dream-realm to find that they have been moved to a ship by Ian Summerstorm and company. Mina tells the party that they have been in the dream-realm for three months, during which they had to be moved due to the Goblin invasion’s pillage of Ignas spreading throughout Ashburne. She also informs them that they have all made it safely back to Berevenia Port City in Lothair. The three monsters hand the party some parting gifts: Boots of Furious Speed, Bracers of Mental Might, and a Philosopher’s Crown. Braga hands each member of the party 300 gold for the successful completion of the Mr. Green mission. Later, Biff Sells Tor a Pincer Shield for Sark.

Episode 10: Into Willoweave Forest
“Don't be a sap, we're not out of the woods yet.” Or “A sticky situation”

Story by Malik Tiffany

Day 192
• The party wakes to gather for breakfast, when Tor receives his meal with what looked like the ear of another shifter. Tor then goes missing, leaving the rest of the party to look for clues as to where he went.
• After searching for clues, one of which was left in Sark’s pocket by Tor himself, the party discovers that Tor may be in a nearby enchanted forest, the Willoweave Forest. Accompanied by Lt. Braga, the party sets out at once.
• As the party ventures through the forest, they encounter signs of struggle and unrest, one being the dead body of a young girl who hung herself.
• Eventually, the party encounters and defeats a group of spiders, which got the attention of an enormous spider. The party then made a deal with the enormous spider to leave his/her forest within an hour, with or without Tor.
• As they continued to move forward, the party finds Tor protecting the dead body of another female shifter and surrounded by a group of Drow, mages, and a young girl that is assumedly the new form of Zoldathra. The mages and the Drow vanish, leaving behind a summoned dragon. The party defeats the dragon.
• Tor seems to be driven mad, and the party is forced to take him and his passed companion by force back to Bervenia Port City. The party ties Tor to his bed for safety as he is unconscious, and the party stands watch over him for the night.


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