The island of Ashburne is located far to the north of Lothair. Most sailing vessels departing from Lothair can reach Ashburne in about three months.

The island is so named due to the large, dormant underwater volcano in the center of the island’s bay. It is a rocky, crescent-shaped island shrouded in gray clouds and heavy snowfall. The tips of the crescent meet quite close together forming a natural strait that ships must pass through before reaching the port city of Ignas. This strait is heavily guarded by twin watchtowers, two full garrisons of soldiers, and various artillery batteries that can sink or incapacitate enemy ships.

Ashburne is not on friendly terms with the Kingdom of Lothair. Lothari people, and their allies must hide their identities on the island.

A thick, wild forest grows in the center of the island. A large tribe of elves makes its home in the heart of that forest.


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