Bervenia Port City

A large city located on Whitecrest Bay, hosting the island’s only port.

The population of about 10,000 is comprised mostly of merchants, traders, and their families. The port city is the hub for almost all of the commerce on the island. Skilled craftsmen from Adelard Castle and farmers from Agershire make weekly trips to Bervenia to sell their goods. The citizens of the city boast that everything on the island, excluding the island itself, has made its way through Bervenia in some way or another.

A large constabulary has several departments throughout the city. The peacekeepers generally do a good job keeping petty crimes down. However, Tor has found several disreputable men peddling poisons and other contraband in shadowy back-alleys.

Your makeshift headquarters and barracks, operating out of the Broken Spoke Tavern, is located in the southern sector of the city.

Biff’s Tannery is located near the center of the city, very close to the Marketplace.

Bervenia Port City

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