The island kingdom of Lothair is one of many thousands of islands floating on the Great Sea. It is populated by almost all the races in the world; and some from beyond it.

King Alistair Adelard and his queen Adelaide rule over the land. Their influence is rarely directly felt, as their orders are filtered through a large council of advisers and wise elders. The entire army of Lothair, the Lothair Legion, has its attention on the Goblin War that is affecting Lothair and its neighboring islands.

The island is relatively safe compared to neighboring lands, so it gets many visitors. Merchants, tourists, explorers, adventurers, traders, craftsmen, and war refugees all go through the port in Whitecrest Bay. Most of the island’s commerce occurs in the sprawling marketplace in Bervenia Port City.

The Lenalia Plains, a perfect place for farming and ranching, makes up the southwestern region of the island. The township of Agershire lies in the center of the plains.

Two areas of the island are wild, inhospitable places which are mostly uninhabited and untouched by people due to the dangerous creatures that lurk there. A large, trecherously rocky mountain range on the northern half of the island is known as the Buckhorn Mountains. South of Adelard Castle is the Willoweave Forest, a dark place few people choose to enter voluntarily.


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