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The story so far:
You reside on the island of Lothair. You and your allies have joined the Lothair Legion for various reasons. You are part of the civilian militia, which is a separate branch from the main military. In this detached duty, you report to Lt. Glenn Braga and receive missions that the army cannot attend to.

Recently, some strange forces have surfaced on the island. You continue investigating these evil signs as you carry out your missions.

You have sailed to the island of Ashburne with Mr. “Green” to recruit Elven archers.

Infected by a demon’s curse, you travel to Ignas to find out that you should seek out a man named Ian on the south side of the island of Ashburne.

You meet Ian, Arthur, and Mina; and they send you into a deep sleep to fight your nightmares.

After defeating the nightmares, you wake up near Lothair. The Goblin War has taken Ashburne and Ian, Arthur, and Mina escaped and took you back home.

Some crazy stuff happened and then you started the Trial of Five Fingers.

Main Page

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